I will be perfectly honest, I never thought about graphics in my design nearly to that depth.  Most of the times when I am designing my course maps, I have the rough concept of the eLearning course map and maybe a general theme.  When I get started, I start building the course in Storyline and then go in my mind, “This would be a good spot for a graphic.”  I then jump out onto Google and find the image I’m looking.  I feel so ashamed now.  

But what I took from this article is the diligence of images and the process we should as ID go through when adding them into an eLearning course.  Images, along with videos, help break up the course and prevent it from just being a talking Powerpoint.  What I need to do in my own work is be more intentional in my use of images.  

I will say that Step 10 is something I am good at doing.  I do make sure that all of my links to my images are functional.  I also take into consideration the quality of all the graphics we are using so they don’t become a distraction to the learner.  

Hai-Jew, S. (2009). Procedures for creating quality imagery for e-learning. In Digital imagery and informational graphics in e-learning:       Maximizing visual technologies (pp. 142-168). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference

I love to travel… so  I was thinking about top travel destinations with average cost.

– I also go to Disney a lot… so maybe an infograph on when to visit

– Make a infograph on airplane capacity increase over the past few years

Just a few thoughts to get me started….


So of course I’m biased to my company. But I love what we do in the form of infographics.  We are bounded by our branding guidelines for color and fonts. However, they flow nicely.  If you don’t know about ExactTarget, we are Orange in both color and culture.  Most of our infographics incorporate that color as a primary.  

What makes this particular one work so well is that the graphics are used to provoke action on each step.   It also has a natural progression to lead the reader to predict where to go next.    The first area that helps frame the reference of the reader in a graphical and written context.  The next area provides data to validate the claim made above.  Instead of just using a solid divider, the graphic provides another stat to frame the next graphic which talks about the problem to the solution this infographic was made.  After the three first sections, the reader has been presented a case a potential problem his or her business could be experiencing.  The fourth section introduces to the reader to our solution.  Finally, the last section guides the reader through the solution in action using graphics and text with clear directions to follow for the reader in two situations.    The graphic also provides cited resources for the reader for validity.

What I wish they would improve is it’s too vertical.  Which makes it difficult to provide in print format.  I wish they would considered going horizontal for presentations and print formats.  But generally, our infographs are made for email so it works in that situation.


Infographic - iGoDigital - HyperConnected Consumer

Tonight a great woman left our world. She wasn’t known by many. But to those who knew and loved her, she was a truly remarkable woman. I say goodbye to my grandmother whom I loved with all my heart. But to me she wasn’t Lorena or grandma… she was Gma. She wasn’t the all-wise, cookie-baking grandma. She was an honest, true person. She was who she was and made no excuses for it nor pretended to be someone she wasn’t. It was something I always respected about her and try to replicate in my life. But my gma, like my grandpa, were more than my grandparents, they were my friends and heroes.
My Gma and I had many quirky traditions when we lived in Chico together. Most Sundays we would spend doing our errands together and having dinner. Some holidays it was just her and I and it when had a great time. My friends knew her and knew why she was so special to me. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for her and I knew the same of her.

My only regret that I have saying goodbye to her is that she will not be joining us in Paris this December. I knew she was excited to go. Being 82 and applying for passport for the first time. Can you believe that? I just wanted to give her back something to a woman who gave me so much. She was there when her and my grandfather bought a car for me after I got mugged. She was at everyone one of my graduations. She walked me down the aisle. It’s just hard to know that she will never hold my children and tell them how silly I was as a kid.

When I was a kid, my grandma whom I snuggled with when I was kid and watch KTVU news each night when I stayed at her house is gone. She was the one who helped me purchase my first house when I needed help, she was there.

There was always a spark when she saw me. There was never a time in my life when I didn’t know how proud she was of me. I worked hard, and will continue to work hard to make sure I make her proud. I remember every milestone that I have had in my life; she would always tell me how proud my grandfather would be of me. And I know I wasn’t only making him proud, I was doing it for her.
Gma and I have had some great times together. We laughed often. We had a great trip to Puerto Rico and great visits driving to Antioch to visit her sister or just around Chico. I’m glad I was able to do that for her. I’m glad they had a chance to spend time together to remember the good times in the wonderful life they’ve shared.

For being 82, she was still a go-getter. I get that from her. She was never bored. She stayed active in her community and gave back generously. She was going to plant my roses when our house was finished. Now, they will be in her honor. I will treat those roses with the same love, generosity, and care that my Gma gave me my entire life. They will be a living memory of her and how much she truly meant to me. And just like in life, it carries on. But those blooms each spring will just remind me of how special she was to me.

But now I have to say goodbye to her. I know she will return to Chico and be reunited with my grandfather just the way she wanted. And even though I don’t live there any longer, I know that’s where she would want to be and is happy. I am happy she didn’t go through pain that she is at peace. I am not a religious person. Angels to me aren’t in my belief structure. I will carry her in my heart and soul just where my grandfather has been for the past 15 years. I will still strive to make her proud because I know she would want me to do. I love you grandma and farewell.

Well I’m getting old.  I have accepted it.  On the eve of my birthday, I usually write what I learned:

1. Even when you do the right thing, you still might lose.  I learned this lesson in business this year.  There are times when you try to be ethical and others just don’t follow suit.  So, I shouldn’t be surprised that being honest isn’t always the best choice.

2. Being married is fun.  My wife is crazy, but so am I.  We have had a blast the last year traveling the world and meeting new friends.  She puts up with my endless need to keep moving.  She keeps up with me as much as throw at her.

3. The older I get, the more I appreciate loyal friends. I still have a ton of friends in my life. However, I have learned that I appreciate friends that I can count on.  I do have a lot of fair weather friends and that’s okay.  I love them anyway.  But the friends that open up and let me open up are the ones that I stay in touch the most.

4. I need to spread my wings and keep trying new things.  It’s easy to get comfortable with what you know.  I am working hard to try new foods, new exercises, jobs, places… I might even try a new airline.  Gasp.

5. I am at peace in the air. It’s weird and I know it.  But the time that I feel most balanced is in an airplane.  It doesn’t mean I want to fly a plane anytime soon.  Yet, when I am comfortable and without e-mail, text, or distractions, I can really kind of rebalance myself.  I feel serene approaching a city at night and just watch the lights and knowing the people are below me dealing with whatever is in their world. For me, I just can breathe.  

And that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned in life is to just breathe.  Sometimes I try to take fate into my own hands and try to make things happen.  As I get older, I am trying to be proactive, but sometimes don’t force it.  I will be able to make it through if I just breathe. 

Oh blog, how I missed you so.  I am a blog spurter (yes I just made that up).  I will love to write every day, but then I will go absent for months at a time.  Well now, I am again back into the place where I can write… soberish.  Well I will recap what has been going on in my world this academic year:

1. Well, I married the most wonderful woman in the world.  She is someone who can not only share a house and bed with me (kinky), but wakes up in the morning and wants to do another day.  So how do I reward my lovely wife with this devotion?  I move her to Indiana.  What the fuck did she sign up for when she said “I do?”  There was a job opportunity for me within my company to do a quazi-teaching job and a bit.  But part of the job required us to move to Indiana.  I wasn’t wild about it to be honest.  As I type now, I am sitting out in my newly refurbished backyard–well, it’s not mine, but that’s another story, without sweating my balls off or swatting endless amounts of bugs away from me.  I am going to miss that.  But I have been traveling back and forth to Indiana this year and it has grown on me.  It’s going to be a different lifestyle for sure.  I love Chico, but I feel I was growing stale.  We have amazing friends in the area, but I felt it was getting smaller and smaller the longer I was here.  I was feeling a bit closed in and needed to spread out a bit.  Jen and I went to Indiana in November to check out neighborhoods and decided to build a new house in a great new neighborhood.  Which leads me to number 2

2. Never build a new house when you live out of state.  Let me just tell you what a clusterfuck this process has been.  First, we decided in November to buy this house and have it built by the time we arrived in July.  It’s May 7 and they haven’t even fucking started the house.  Blame the builder? NO.  Blame the bank.  It’s just another reason why these fuckers need to go down in a ball of flames.  Needless to say, I’m a bit frustrated with the process.  I just keep telling myself it’s going to be worth it in the end.  But because banks are so fucking stupid right now, they forced me to sell our house in Chico.  It sold in six days thanks to Wendy.  Do everything but promise them our first born child to get this damn loan approved.  I am now hoping for a June 1 start.  Maybe we will be in there by Christmas but who the fuck knows.  They have kicked the crap out of me and now they won.  I am just resigned to the fact that it is what it is and just roll with it.  In the meantime, Jen and I will be shaking up in a lovely extended stay hotel from July to God knows when.  

Everyone kept asking me why we didn’t just get an apartment.  My response to you… are you helping me move when the house is ready?  My company has a VERY generous relocation package.  However, if the movers drop our crap somewhere… that’s it.  They did their part and they are out.  I’m far too pretty and educated to know that I want to move my shit twice.  In addition, I know a grand total of like eight people in the state of Indiana.  “Hi, I just met you.  Do you want to help me move Saturday?”  I despise moving other people’s shit.  I don’t want to inflict that pain on others.  I’ll just pay the extra month of storage and allow the professionals to break my shit with class.  The other bonus for me is when this “experience” is over I’ll be Platinum with Marriott.  So you can suck it commoners.  I’ll be staying in the suite tonight.  Cause I’m going to need it because of number 3

3. I still have four jobs.  For being a down economy, my wife and I still have three to four jobs each.  I’m still doing aspects of my old job.  I am training my replacement.  I am doing my new job.  And still doing some finishing touches on senior trips.  Add that to my wife’s three jobs–we are working mo fos.  So if you haven’t heard from me in a while… I don’t hate you.  You just haven’t offered alcohol to me and at this point, you bring nothing to the table for me.  And speaking of tables…

4. I’m nesting for a house that’s not even freaking built.  I have being buying crap for the new house and storing it.  This is the climax of my adversity to moving.  I would rather buy stuff, store it, and allow someone else to move it in my new house.  Lazy?  No, efficient.  I’m not going to scuff my walls trying to get that damn couch to fit in the living room.  I’ll just supervise.  Finally…

5. I’ll miss you California you wacky son of a bitch.  This will still always be home for me no matter where we land.  But the old saying goes, you can always go home again.  If it doesn’t work out, I know the experience will make me richer.  So what the hell.  But in the meantime, I’m trying to make the most out of the time I have left here enjoying the places and people special in my life.  It starts this weekend by being able to take my nephews to their first visit to Disneyland with my sister and her husband.  I am lucky that I get to go to Disneyland many times a year.  But this will be the first time that I will be able to see it through a child’s eyes.  I am almost more excited to see them have fun than it will be for me to ride Space Mountain.  And you know I am going to drag those ankle biters on that ride.  If I can’t buy them some time on the therapy couch, then I’m not doing my job as an uncle.

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring a community together. Just like our nation united did on 9/11, communities across our nation unite when we have a common cause. Today would have been Alex Francies’ 32nd birthday. Sadly, he left our world our junior year in high school. Alex was a guy that was unique in own way and is missed by all those that was in his life. But what is touching is the way our community came together to support each other and his family. I know that during that time it didn’t matter who was friends with whom, it was about being there for each other. But for the Class of 1998 of Wheatland High School, we had to unite two more times during our high school years to remember the loss of one our classmates. Although it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to Carole and Mike as well, I think that it brought us together as a class and defined our character as people today.

I had the pleasure and sometimes frustration of leading my class for three years and one as the student body president. These experiences have defined me as a person in ways that I see in small ways every day. One of most defining moment in my high school life was representing our school at Carole’s funeral. It was the most difficult time looking out into the crowd and seeing so many people hurting and not being able to do anything to make it better. But what I have learned later in life is that I didn’t need to fix anything—we as a group healed together.
Our school community lived together and worked together. Of course not everyone got along, but when the chips were down, we pulled together.

I believe that these experiences early in our lives have taught us so much. That even today, we are more caring and compassionate to others in our community with the willingness to give more of ourselves because of what we have experienced.
So to Mike, Carole, and Alex’s families, know that even though the pain of losing someone we all loved so much, their spirit lives within all of their classmates. That their memories are carried with us and our actions to make our communities a better place are in their honor.